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    What do you need for a mortgage preapproval?

    Most people begin their home search by searching online and think that they will contact the bank when they find the perfect home and are ready to write an offer.




    You will likely miss out on the home of your dreams if you wait. We recommend talking to a loan officer BEFORE searching for homes and honestly, the sooner you better. Yes, even if you think you need to save more for your downpayment. Yes, even if your credit needs work. Actually, ESPECIALLY if your credit needs work. Loan officers are a wealth of knowledge on the best ways to prepare your finances for buying a home and have a variety of loan programs (and grants!) that can get you on the path to homeownership. You are not locked into a specific lender or program simply by talking to them. So reach out!


    What do you need to prep before reaching out? Check out this helpful infographic to help you get your documents in order.



    Contact us for a list of trusted professionals that we know will take great care of you as you prepare to buy a home!

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